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Group Exercise Classes

We are excited to finally be able to offer group exercise classes in person at our West Family branch again! Please click the link below for the full schedule of classes as well as to register for a spot in a class.

Group Exercise Schedule


  • AEROBICS: This fun and energetic class combines rhythmic aerobic movements with strength and stretching to give you a total body workout while getting your heart rate up.
  • BARRE: This class integrates Pilates, yoga and ballet principles to lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles! Barre is low impact and great for all fitness levels.
  • BOOT CAMP: No fancy footwork needed! Challenge yourself with a class that combines circuit and interval training to get your heart rate up and build strength.
  • CARDIO & MUSCLE: Get those muscles moving and heart rates up with this combination class full of fun aerobics and strength workouts. All levels welcome, modifications provided.
  • CHAIR YOGA: Focus on breathing and alignment with traditional yoga poses to improve your balance and flexibility while using a chair for support.
  • CORE FREE STYLE: Intensive class that focuses on building core strength, endurance and flexibility. 
  • JOINTS IN MOTION: Make your daily tasks easier through strength and flexibility exercises that are accomplished while seated in a chair.
  • NICE AND EASY: Beginner level class that offers a wide variety of exercises to get your body moving.
  • PILATES: Pilates is a conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength, and tone. This class is great for all individuals, regardless of physical condition or age.
  • STABILITY BALL CHALLENGE: Work on core stabilization, balance and strength while using the stability ball. 
  • STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN: Start the day with an easy warm up and stretching routine for increased flexibility. 
  • YOGA: We offer a variety of styles of yoga classes that will help you develop flexibility, strength and balance through meditation, and both static and flowing pose progressions. By emphasizing symmetry of body and mind through breathwork and body awareness, yoga will improve your flexibility, strength, and sense of calm and clarity in the hustle and bustle of life.
  • YOGA-DANCE STRETCH: Focus on stretching, flexibility, and alignment, strengthening from deep within the core, arms, and legs, using visualization and a flowing combination of yoga and dance to improve balance and posture.
  • ZUMBA®/Dance Cardio: Join the party! With this exciting and easy to follow dance-based class, you get to move freely, have fun and burn calories while learning moves from The Islands, Latin America, Bollywood and everywhere in between.