Aqua Group Exercise

Our water fitness activities are held in a safe environment and encourage members to improve physical activity, health and wellness while building relationships with other participants. We host aquatic exercise classes for all ages and levels of fitness. All group exercise classes are included with your YMCA membership.

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Group Exercise Classes

  • AQUA BODY BLAST: Set your pace as you enjoy the benefits of water. Using water resistance and equipment, you will enhance your flexibility, muscle strength, and cardio-respiratory fitness to develop a healthier you.
  • AQUA INTERVALS: High intensity interval training this specialized HITT™ format class will effectively target the cardio system while challenging the core, upper and lower muscle groups. Join us for the hottest workout in the pool, offered in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool.
  • AQUA PILATES: Build up strength and flexibility and improve balance, with a focus on the core muscles, by using gentle movements with the buoyancy and resistance of water to tone muscles and improve posture. 
  • DEEP WATER INTERVALS: Utilizing the challenges and benefits of working out in deep water and utilizing equipment, this class will test and improve both your cardio and muscle strength and endurance. The added benefit of deep water exercise is there is no impact - great for back or lower extremity joint pain or injuries.
  • RUSTY HINGES: Increase your range of motion, strengthen muscles, and enhance your flexibility. You will improve balance and increase strength, while relieving pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other similar diseases. Appropriate equipment may be used to enhance the exercises.