Swim Lessons

Youth Swimming Class Descriptions

<font size="3">Parent & Child Classes</font>

Parent & Child Classes

Parent/Infant Swim Lessons

(Ages 6 Months to 24 months)
This class focuses on water orientation and encourages parents & children to see the pool as a fun place. You will play games that introduce skills such as breath control, arm & leg movement, floating and water safety.

<font size="3">Parent/ Toddler Swim Lessons</font>

Parent/ Toddler Swim Lessons

(Ages 2 to 4 years)
Allows parents to work with their toddlers who are slightly more advanced in the water and promote aquatic readiness and independence. This class is a bridge to the Pre-School Program.

Progressive Classes

Pre-School Swim Lessons

(Ages 3 to 5 years)
Preschool swim lessons are for children who are ready for a swim class without
their parent. Classes are grouped by skill level and vary from beginners who wear
flotation devices, to swimmers ready to learn to swim the length of the pool unassisted.

<font size="3">Youth Swim Lessons</font>

Youth Swim Lessons

(Ages 6 to 12 years)
Children progress through six different levels of classes as they learn new skills and improve their strokes. Instructors teach skills that help children learn personal growth, personal safety, stroke development, and water sports and games.

<font size="3">Specialty Classes</font>

Specialty Classes

Special Needs Swim Lessons

(Ages 3+ years)
Specialized instruction is offered for children and adults who have neurological, physical, or social challenges in this adaptable program focused on reaching individual goals. Participants can be accompanied by an adult or aide if needed.

Competitive Clinic

(Ages 8+ years)
This is an introductory course to competitive swimming that focuses on stroke refinement, racing starts, turns, conditioning and endurance. Pre-requisite: Completed minnow level.

Teen & Adult Learn to Swim & Stroke Clinic

(Ages 13+ years)
Learn how to swim, increase endurance and strength in a relaxed setting while increasing your awareness of safety in an aquatic environment.

Just Keep Swimming

Private Swim Lessons & Aquatic Personal Training

Focus on your goals and increase your confidence and strength while working in a one-on-one environment during these 30 minute lessons.

Private Lessons


  • 1 lesson- $22
  • 5 lessons- $96
  • 10 lessons- $170
  • 20 lessons- $298

Private Lessons


  • 1 lesson- $43
  • 5 lessons- $192
  • 10 lessons- $340
  • 20 lessons- $596

Semi-Private Lesson


  • 1 lesson- $17
  • 5 lessons- $76
  • 10 lessons- $127
  • 20 lessons- $205

Semi-Private Lessons


  • 1 lesson- $34
  • 5 lessons- $152
  • 10 lessons- $254
  • 20 lessons- $410