Planned Giving

YMCA of Broome County Endowment

Make a positive impact on future generations

A gift to the Heritage Society fund helps build long-range financial stability for our YMCA and ensures our legacy of service will continue well into the future. The annual earnings from the Heritage Society provide financial resources to assist in the delivery of program and membership services, as well as capital repairs and replacements. Gifts may be designated to support a specific branch or service area, to perpetuate an annual gift, provide program scholarships, or sponsor specific programs.

How you can become a part of the Heritage Society:
  • Set up a bequest, conveyed through your will
  • Name the Y in a new or existing life insurance policy
  • Provide gifts of real estate or other assets
  • Transfer retirement accounts, IRAs and 401(k) Plans
  • Set up a trust that benefits the YMCA
  • Provide "unrestricted" gifts to the Y Endowment

We strongly advise anyone considering a gift to consult their own legal or financial advisor's when selecting the giving opportunity that best expresses their generosity.


For more information, please contact:

Dan Smith
Fund Development Officer
607.772.0560 ext 112