Get ready for aquatic adventures at the Y! The YMCA of Broome County is proud to boast a pool at each of our full facility branches. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or a newcomer to all things water, we offer opportunities for everyone to make a splash and get swimming! Programs offerings vary by branch, but may include the following:

Swim Lessons from tiny swimmers to adults learning something new, we offer swim lessons for every ability level.

Summer Swim lessons: swim with the Y this summer at the Y or off-site at Highland Park and Conklin Town Pool.

Open & Lap Swim: a great time to enjoy the pool as a family or swim laps to get a great total body workout.

Water Group Fitnesswith classes for every ability level, the pool can be a refreshing place to get in shape.

Master Swim: feeling competitive? Train with the master’s swim group.

Lifeguard Certification: learn how to lifeguard, as well as gain important life saving skills.

Private Swim Lessons: learn more about private swim lessons or water fitness personal training.

Splash Party: celebrate your birthday with a pool party at the Y.