Senior Fitness Evaluation Day

February 5, 2019

Senior Fitness Evaluation Day

Over 80 individuals participated in the Senior Fitness Evaluation held in the West Family YMCA gym on January 28th, 2019. One newer YMCA member, Dory, was pleased with her results. She briskly walked 13 laps in 6 minutes and performed 32 sit and stands with ease. What an accomplishment for someone who never took a formal exercise class or belonged to a gym until she joined the YMCA with a friend this past fall.


Dory said when she retired last year, she needed “a place to get up go.” She previously exercised by walking the halls at her job. She decided for her “general health” to check out the YMCA of Broome County. She convinced her friend, Dawn, to be her workout buddy. She said when they started, “they were wide-eyed and bushy tailed.” They landed in Water Walking and Rusty Hinges. They attended 3 times per week ever since; Dory even came on her own a few times.

Dory’s chiropractor and family doctor commented on her progress at recent appointments with one word, “Awesome!” She said her stamina increased and she is less winded. Her leg muscles handle stair climbs better. For the first time she can flex her biceps. Dawn lost 4 ½ pounds and says her clothing “fits looser.” Both ladies feel healthier and stronger. They are ready to explore other YMCA workouts in the water and on land.


Join us at the next Senior Evaluation on May 20th.