Community Thanksgiving Dinner

First Name
Last Name
I would like to donate the following food items:
 Turkey (frozen)  Stuffing (boxed)  Sweet Potatoes (canned)
 Mashed Potatoes (boxed)  Green Beans (canned)  Chicken Broth
 Turkey Gravy (#10 cans)  Apple Pie  Pumpkin Pie
 Cranberry sauce  Ready Baked Rolls  Milk
 Apple Cider  Soda  Cooked Turkey
How many of the above items will you be donating?
Volunteers are needed to cook a turkey for the event. Would you be interested in cooking a turkey?
 Yes  No
I would like to volunteer at Thanksgiving Dinner:
 Yes  No
I would like to volunteer for:
 Set-up  Beverage Set up
 Pie slicer  Kitchen Food Prep
 Turkey Carver  Food Server
 Kitchen Runner  Clean-Up