Private Swim Lessons & Aquatic Personal Training

In addition to our standard swim lessons that run year-round, we also offers Private Swim Lessons. Private lessons are ideal for the student who requires more one-on-one attention or possibly an adult who is learning to swim or someone who is looking to perfect their stroke.

Whatever the reason, we have a number of instructors available. We do our best to match students with an instructor based on availability, skill, and gender preferences when possible. We also offer a semi-private option where two individuals with similar ability take the lessons together.

To schedule a Private Lesson, contact Patty Scotto at 607-770-9622 ext. 406 or

Fees for Private Lessons are as follows:

30 minutes: Member: $24 Non-Member:$48
2 lessons: Member: $47 Non-Member:$94
5 lessons: Member: $106 Non-Member:$212
10 lessons: Member: $187 Non-Member:$374
20 lessons: Member: $328 Non-Member:$656

Fees for Semi- Private Lessons are as follows:

1 lesson: Member: $19 Non-Member:$38
2 lessons: Member: $36 Non-Member:$78
5 lessons: Member: $84 Non-Member:$168
10 lessons: Member: $140 Non-Member:$280
20 lessons: Member: $226 Non-Member:$452