Group Exercise

Class Descriptions

Participation in Y group exercise classes offer opportunities for friendship, community and camaraderie — not to mention the benefits of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Our fitness classes can help with cardio, strength and flexibility. All group exercise classes are free with your Y membership, non-members will need to purchase a day pass to participate in classes. Browse our class descriptions below or check out the group exercise schedules at the bottom of the page.

Beginner to Intermediate Classes

Chair Yoga

Focus on breathing and alignment with traditional yoga poses to improve your balance and flexibility while using a chair for support.


Focus on breathing & alignment with traditional yoga poses to improve your balance & flexibility.

Step and Muscle

Work hard in a choreographed intermediate step class with alternating muscle and core work to increase strength and cardio fitness.

Nice and Easy

Beginner level class that offers a wide variety of exercises to get your body moving.

Saturday Surprise

Roll the dice to see which total body workout you will get. All we can promise is a challenge with a different instructor each week.


A classical Pilates class for all levels focusing on core strength, posture and balance.

Stretch and Strengthen

Start the day with an easy warm up and stretching routine for increased flexibility.

Stability Ball Challenge

Work on core stabilization, balance, strength and cardio toning while using the stability ball.

Joints in Motion

Make your daily tasks easier through strength and flexibility exercises that are accomplished while seated in a chair.

Joints in Motion Plus

This is an advanced version of Joints in Motion. This class is the next step to improved mobility and less use of the chair.


Dance to fitness with this exciting and easy to follow Latin Dance based class. Move freely, have fun and burn calories.

Body Defined

This class is for everyone. Improve and develop core strength, flexibility, mobility and balance.

Core Intensity

Core strength and stability are the goals of this high intensity class which includes aerobic intervals to challenge your cardio vascular system.

Indoor Cycling

“Still one of the hottest fitness classes!” The aim of the workout is to increase cardiovascular endurance through large-muscle workout. Cycling strengthens your heart as well as your muscles without the added stress on the joints. It is a moderate to advanced exercise program that can be modified to allow beginners to participate.

Advanced Classes


Functional fitness is at the Y! This workout class is designed to train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements that you would do at home, work or during a sport. Y-Fit emphasizes exercises that build strength, stability, muscle endurance and flexibility.

Core Free Style

Intensive class that focuses on building core strength, endurance and flexibility.

Step and Muscle Plus

Get ready to sweat during this 1.5 hour version of Step and Muscle.

Cardio Chisel

Get an energizing cardiovascular workout to sculpt your body using light weights. 

Boot Camp

No fancy footwork needed! Challenge yourself with a class that combines circuit and interval training to get your heart rate up and tone your body.