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Matt Shares His Gratitude for the YMCA Preschool/Youth Swim Programs

Year after year, my wife, Joy, signed our three kids up for summer swim lessons at Highland Park and the West Family Y during the winter months. Our oldest, 14 year old Grace, took her first Mommy and Me classes at West Y pool at 6 months old. I remember watching Grace in the Highland

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Aria’s YMCA Parent/Infant Swim Success Story

YMCA Parent/Infant swim lessons were a whole new experience for two and a half year old, Aria. Her mom, Kristen, said Aria had never been in class setting or had anyone else telling her what to do. Initially, the toddler hesitated to get in the pool during her first lesson last October. It took two

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YMCA Archery: Fun for Individuals and Families

Six archers lined up at mid court the fourth Monday evening to take aim at the six targets set up on the right half of the West Family YMCA gym. Though only the second week for the YMCA archery participants, when they drew their bows, most of the arrows flew with such precision they sunk

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