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Norma Finds Years of Wellness, Friendship and Community at the YMCA of Broome County

Curiosity got the best of long-time YMCA member, Norma after receiving a birthday letter last year from the YMCA of Broome Count offering discounts on fee-based activities. The gregarious retiree joined the YMCA in April 2001. For years, she found a comfortable niche in the Rusty Hinges class, lap swimming and Wellness Center work-outs. The

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YMCA Benefits Seniors/Seniors Inspire the YMCA Community

YMCA of Broome member, Ed, quips with a hint of his wry humor, “It‘s better to wear out than rust out!”   Ed reaches a milestone birthday this year… 95 years old. He maintains an active Y membership. He swims at the West Family YMCA pool and/or works out in Wellness Center twice a week.

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Joyce Finds a New Beginning at the YMCA Following Retirement

  Joyce retired from 21 year career as an educator 3½ years ago.  Her role as a 3rd grade teacher offered many rewards…seeing children discover their potential and years of friendship with her colleagues. However, the position also made physical demands on her, especially after her double knee replacements. In addition to her full-time job,

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