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World Cancer Day February 4th

Harlan’s Livestrong Story My name is Harlan. I am a colon cancer survivor.  My surgery and the 6 months of chemo treatments that followed, left me very weak.  I attempted exercising on my own, without much success.  Then, my wife saw a Livestrong brochure at the YMCA of Broome County. We read that this free

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Heart Health Tips:

  Cliff’s healthy choices after the heart incident that severely damaged his heart, literally saved his life. He added physical exercise: first in the Cardiac Rehab Program and then through a lifestyle change of a regular exercise routine at the YMCA of Broome County.   He modified his diet to minimize and eliminate sodium. He

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February: American Heart Month!

  Twenty-eight days of hearts… Valentines, sweethearts, caring hearts and healthy hearts. February is American Heart Month. The YMCA of Broome County joins the national effort to improve heart health in the Greater Broome County Community.     Cliff, a YMCA of Broome County member, recently shared his heart story.   “I am not supposed

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