LIVESTRONG at the YMCA: Changing a Cancer Survivor’s Life in 12 weeks

LIVESTRONG is probably a name that you know well. It’s one of the most influential non-profit organizations in the world. And the YMCA recently received grant money to begin a 12-week program for cancer survivors sponsored by the LIVESTRONG movement.

The idea is simple but powerful: we challenge 12 cancer survivors (or people living with cancer) to 12 weeks of group exercise in an effort to change their lives. This is a total support system. Everyone participates and everyone is on a level playing field. Each person brings their own unique challenges to the program.

The goal is to get people back on their feet after a difficult time in their lives. We want to see people moving and, most of all, motivated to live stronger and fuller lives. What past participants all seem to love most is the mutual support and affirmation they received as part of the LIVESTRONG team. No matter their age, health, gender, or status, all participants have cancer in common and they’re here to overcome it. In a short amount of time, they become remarkably close, almost like a family.

The program includes specialized exercise sessions and group support because “we believe that in the battle with cancer, knowledge is power, unity is strength and attitude is everything”. If this sounds like the kind of thing that would benefit someone you know and love, LIVESTRONG might be something they should consider. Our next LIVESTRONG® class will begin on January 21st taking place on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 7:15-8:45am at the Binghamton Y. This program is FREE to the community. For more information or to arrange your intake interview, please contact Martin at 607-772-0560 x120 or email him at

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