Baseball/ T-Ball

(Ages 3 to 12 years)

The progressive nature of YMCA baseball provides a fun experience for kids at any level. Coaches teach the basic fundamentals of catching, throwing, hitting and teamwork. Every kid plays in YMCA leagues. Good sportsmanship and fair play are the core of this program.

Session Runs:


3-4 year olds: T-Ball

For our youngest players, the tee provides them with a stable ball while learning the basic motions of hitting, while learning the very basics of the game. All players will reach base, and there will be no recording of outs or score.

5-6 year olds: Modified Coach Pitch

In a natural progression from hitting off of a tee, this program teaches children more hand-eye coordination in developing their hitting strategies. While in the field, players will learn basic positioning as well as improve on their throwing techniques. Participants will start hitting from a tee and progress to pitching from coaches to players. Players will not be called out, and score will not be kept. Your child will learn the fundamentals of the sport while engaging in good sportsmanship.

7-9 year olds: Minor League

Who’s ready for some baseball! This league starts to prepare player for real time play. Players will develop pitching and hitting skills, as well as fielding strategies fair play and good sportsmanship. Coaches may still pitch if necessary. Outs and score will be kept in this league. There is a 9 run limit per inning.

10-12 year olds: Major Leagues

This league is designed to teach more of a competitive game. Scoring will mirror that of a real baseball game with no limit on runs per inning. This league will be a great starter to your child playing more competitive baseball at the next level.