Part 2: Keeping Wellness Goals for the Whole Year: Debi’s Discoveries from 2017

Debi’s Discoveries from 2017


Hints, Helps and Insights


Debi began by weight loss by:

Cutting her usual portions in half

Eliminating most processed food. She traded chips and other “junk food” for fresh apples, squash and brussels sprouts. She also added chicken and fish, other seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

Counting out serving sizes listed on a box or bag and placing each serving in a Baggie. (Ex: if a serving was 25 pieces, she counted out 25 and put it in a Baggie) She returned all the Baggies to the original packaging and only ate one measured serving instead of finishing an entire box/bag.


Working with her physician: Debi’s primary care doctor proved invaluable; his monitoring and referrals made the impossible possible. She worked closely with an endocrinologist in his network and took diabetic classes at endocrinologist’s office and the mall. Her primary care doctor also sent her to a dietician. The dietician assisted Debi in assessing her diet and helpful hints to implement change. In the beginning, Debi logged everything she ate. The dietician also connected Debi with community programs/resources like VINE, RxFV and Farm Shares that provided fresh fruit and vegetables either directly or via vouchers.

Debi discovered:

*how to blanche and freeze foods to preserve their garden-freshness.

*ways to substitute higher fiber/lower calorie/vitamin-rich for standard choices. (ex…mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes)

*expanded her menu with new recipes that introduced her palate to tasty/new flavors, appealing/colorful presentations of meals and satisfying portions.


Healthy choices are available to all…no limits based on age or income:

Debi discovered:

*Though weigh loss can become more challenging with age (especially for woman over 50), it is not impossible. (Debi certainly proved it!)

*the YMCA offers financial assistance based on income

*her health insurance covered preventative wellness care that included her doctor visits, referrals and appointments with her dietician.

*the community provided help and free fresh food year-round to those with limited income and resources.



Wellness Works Best in Community:

Debi says, “Don’t go it alone!”

*joining the YMCA expanded the support and encouragement she already got from other friends and family. Getting in a regular routine made the workouts more fun and kept Debi accountable. Debi felt most comfortable in the smaller classes. The friendly YMCA staff and members become some of your best cheerleaders!

*”If you mess up, don’t let it defeat you.” After gaining 7 pounds over the holidays, Debi is resetting to her “Ground Zero.” She is once again writing down everything she eats. She continues to anticipate improved health and wellness in 2018: continued weight loss, elimination of more prescriptions, better endurance/mobility and sharing her experience to encourage others!


Celebrating Debi’s:  

*Healthy A1C

*Weight loss

*Fewer prescriptions

*New outlook and new career

*greater mobility and reduced pain

*greater community connections



The YMCA of Broome County invites YOU to add more Wellness in 2018 by joining the Y.