YMCA Community Member, Birdie, Takes 2nd Place in National Special Olympics Golf and 1st in Bowling!

The YMCA of Broome County celebrates Birdie, YMCA community member and outstanding athlete. She took second place nationally after finishing first at the Special Olympics Regional Tournament held at EnJoie Golf Course on Columbus Weekend. Then, on October 22,2017, she took 2nd place in the Regional Special Olympics Bowling Tournament. She competed on November 19th in the NY State tournament and is now ranked 1st in the country.


Congratulations. Birdie!


Birdie joined the YMCA community a few months ago. She and her friend, Jill, started attending the Aqua Body Blast Class at 9 am on Monday and Friday… and the class hasn’t been the same since. Birdie and Jill worked as harder, or harder than anyone in the group. They mixed this with a contagious fun and banter that brought smiles to faces and motivated everyone near them to work more intensely…and smile.


Birdie now attends with Anna and works just as intensely. She says the class, “gives me more energy, encouragement, and the opportunity for meeting new people. I hope to look into some other YMCA classes”


Birdie is passionate about being a “big role model.” She said, “I am willing to help anyone who needs help.”  She said she teaches bowling and golf. She said, “If I need to learn another sport, I go on You-Tube.”  She demonstrates leadership in several areas. She is the Art Coordinator for the Spring Special Olympics Art Show held at Chenango Valley High School Football Field. She also serves on the board and committee for the local Buddy Walk. The walk promotes friendship and raises funds for assisting members of the Broome County community with Downs Syndrome. She takes on a helpful role as timekeeper in her Y Water Fitness class, alerting the instructor when the official clock near her in the shallow end reads 8:40, so group can transition from the deep end deck for cool-down.


Birdie finished by listing her favorites. She said her favorite famous person is the legendary golfer, Nancy Lopez. She said, “Nancy Lopez taught me the love of the game of golf.” She mentioned another favorite sport, bocce ball. She said her favorite activity is art. During the past summer, she and other friends often met at the picnic shelter on the West Family YMCA campus to work on art projects. They also meet in the JC Library.


Her favorite place is watching her friends play their sports. She said, “My true friends are my favorites because they treat me with respect and I can trust them. I do the same in return.”


Birdie added one last favorite, “Being the best role model I can be and encouraging others so they can stay positive!” She brings both to the YMCA community!