Following a Doctor’s Advice Improves Mary’s Health and Wellness:

A Rusty Hinge Water Exercise Success Story

Mary kept a regular exercise routine on the treadmill at her home. She experiencing enough episodes of feeling off-balanced to start using a walker. She also periodically suffered hand tremors so intense she could not hold her fork. Her concern for a serious illness, like Parkinson Disease, sent her to schedule an appointment with a neurologist. He ordered a battery of tests but found no cause for her symptoms. He suggested Mary try a water fitness class. Mary’s daughter enjoyed her workouts in the YMCA Wellness Center so much, she encouraged her mom to she checked out the pool at West Family YMCA. Mary did and decided to join, even though she had never taken a water fitness class.


Mary chose the afternoon Rusty Hinge classes twice a week. She quickly discovered the benefits of group exercise. She enjoyed the social interaction with the other members. It made her work-out more effective…and fun. She said Jennifer, the instructor, provided easy to follow instructions and was very encouraging. Within a month, Mary started noticing physical improvements. She felt her circulation and balanced improved. She said the debilitating shakes she endured were reduced so much she hardly noticed the occasional fine tremors.

Mary2 (002)

She said it is good to have a place to go and something to do after retirement. She lives far enough out that it would be easy just to stay home. Venturing out to class reminds her how much better life is with others around. She also uses her trip into town to get “out and about” to run errands. She likes her “busy days!”


Her instructor, Jennifer says, “It’s stories like Mary’s that remind me I am making a difference in people’s lives…every time a member tells how the Y has changed their lives, my heart is warmed.”