Kim Finds a Place in Her New Community at the YMCA


Kim and her family relocated to Broome County three years ago. After extensive research of many communities, she and her husband decided Vestal was a great fit for their family. once they settled in, Kim got caught in difficult cycle. Her bad knees impaired her ability to exercise. The lack of exercise led to a more sedentary lifestyle that exacerbated the situation. So when her neighbor invited her to a “YMCA of Broome County Bring a Friend” promotion in February 2016, Kim was “in”. She said she tried a water fitness class and loved it!


With the joiner fee waived, she decided to “Just Do It,” and became a YMCA member.  She enjoyed the YMCA water fitness classes and said the teachers were wonderful. The YMCA helped her make some of her first connections in her new community. She mentioned some special YMCA friendships. Jill, Nancy, Charlotte and Al welcomed her and helped her get acclimated to the pool routines, including the water volleyball games between classes. She also had the opportunity to meet people when she subbed at the YMCA Welcome Desk at both branches. She said she finally felt like she was becoming part of the community.

2017 - 9 - 10 Early 23rd bday celebration for Christopher - Christopher Nistico - Dinno, Kim and Christopher Nistico

Kim used her pool time to prepare for a knee replacement in November. Aubrey Hazel, the YMCA on-site Lourdes Athletic Trainer, gave her a few exercises to prepare for the upcoming surgery. She also participated in a few of Sue’s Joints in Motion Class. She knew the value of pre-hab, so she dutifully worked out one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening everyday with her UHS PT prescribed therapy. Her post-surgical therapy included 2 hours of therapy with leg lifts 4x’s day.


Kim said her world became very small and she couldn’t really go anywhere for months following the surgery. This past July, when her husband tore his hamstring, she stepped up to help and injured her lower back, dislocating the sacro iliac joints. She went to the chiropractor and found relief through his adjustments. She was finally able to return to the YMCA Rusty Hinges Water Fitness Class late this summer.


Kim is now committed to working on her flexibility, balance and building up her muscles. She wants to trade her sedentary lifestyle for a healthier life, that includes losing weight. Aubrey and the YMCA continue to support Kim in reaching these goals.


She said water exercises at the YMA are for those who hate exercising. The classes are so much fun they make you want to do them! She says that it has been a pleasure becoming part of the YMCA family!


Kim and her husband improved enough to take a once-in-a-lifetime road trip late in August. They traveled Golconda Marina in Illinois on August 21st, 2017 for an awesome view of the solar eclipse in totality!

August 21, 2017 - Total Solar Eclipse - Golconda Marine Recreational Area, Golconda, Illinois - TOTALITY

August 21, 2017 – Total Solar Eclipse – Golconda Marine Recreational Area, Golconda, Illinois – TOTALITY