Fall Prevention Day: September 22, 2017

Prevention is better than cure! (Dutch Proverb)

The National Council on Aging first designated the first day of Fall as Fall Awareness Day back in 2008. September 22, 2017 marks this year’s Fall Awareness Day. According to CDC (Center of Disease Control), one-fourth of all Americans 65 years and older will experience a fall each year. Falls lead in the cause of death and injury for senior adults. Each 11 seconds, a senior will seek emergency room care for a fall. Even more sobering, every 19 seconds, an older person will die from injuries sustained in a fall.

The YMCA of Broome is committed to helping minimizing the risk of falls in our community through this year’s Fall Awareness Day information and programs/classes offered through the year.

Sue Stella, YMCA of Broome Moving For Better Balance Instructor, says: Falls are NOT part of normal aging and are PREVENTABLE! These preventable factors contribute to falls:
* High Blood Pressure-Have it checked and keep it under control
* Medications-Check with your pharmacist to see if any medications cause dizziness.
* Keep your rooms lighted. Make sure you have night lights in bathrooms or areas you may have to walk in the night.
* Area rugs/mats and extension cords around your home are a tripping hazard. Remove them!
Plus, these suggested by the CDC and the NCOA (National Council on Aging) and Steadi Initiative through the CDC for monitoring or prevention:
*Vitamin D Levels
*Additional Safety Devices, such as grab bars and shower seats
*Communicating with your physician about unsteadiness, falls or fear of falls

Sue also mentioned enrolling in the MOVING FOR BETTER BALANCE Class to:
*Improve your balance
*Reduce your risk of falling
*Gain independence
*Increase your confidence

Tues/Thurs 11-12:00

There are still a few openings. Since the classes each build on the prior ones, it is important to start by the second week. There will be future classes. Sign up at the Welcome desk.

Yoga, Core Stability, Pilates and Aqua Pilates are just a few of the additional classes offered year-round at the YMCA Broome that improve core strength, muscle stability, posture and balance.

The YMCA also has a Lourdes Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) on-site who is available to work one-on-one with YMCA members to help improve balance and reduce the risk of falls through a personalized execise plan. Please stop at the Welcome Desk for more info.

You can also ask a Wellness Instructor for any assistance or guidance you made need in the Fitness Center at both YMCA branches, especially when working on balance exercises!

Another option for more personalized plans to meet your specific wellness goals are YMCA personal trainers. PT’s work with members at flexible and mutually-agreed upon times. There is an additional fee for this beneficial one-on-one service.